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Artist in Residence at McHugh Gallery

Mixed Media Painting on Board Panel 24” x 24” x 1
Peach Lotus

This winter, I have the fantastic opportunity to be the Artist in Residence at McHugh Gallery in Aspen. It's a chance to dive deep into the art world from a new perspective, learning about the business side while sharing my love for art. Here are a few recent pieces completed in the gallery.

At McHugh Gallery, we feature a wide range of fine art, from original paintings to sculptures. The collection spans museum-quality contemporary art by established and mid-career artists and even rising stars to keep an eye on. The gallery exudes a warm and lively atmosphere, greatly influencing my work. Here, I get to experiment with a vibrant palette, turning up the volume of color.

Painting on Linen 73½" x 41½"
Egyptian Blue Lotus Dreaming of the Nile

Being here has given me a unique perspective on what art resonates with various people. I've become comfortable talking about art all day, including my own. Some days are bustling, while others are quieter, allowing me to focus on my painting.

If you’re in Aspen, please come by and have a chat and see the work.


McHugh Gallery

607 E. Cooper Ave.

Phone 970-925-4212

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