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Fantasy Lotus Origin Story

In 2020 after Covid shutdowns were mandated across the USA I decided to shelter in place in a tiny home on my brother’s ranch in Malibu. Stores were closed and art supplies were a matter of what you could find or have friends give to you. Lisa Nelson a very dear friend in Pasadena had a warehouse for her set design business. She offered me upholstery fabrics and papers to work on. On my brother’s land in Malibu a tackle box had been rescued from the Malibu fire a year or so prior. In the tackle box was an assortment of art supplies, pencils, pens, inks and both acrylic and oil paints, all tiny tubes. The inks were the first layers added to this piece, then the paints. Eventually the Santa Barbara art supply store opened, and I purchased more paint and stretcher bars.

This spring I completed this painting just as my own small garden ponds awoke to spring. My favorite time in the garden is in the late evening, listening to the cadence of insects, frogs and owls.

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