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Letters of Anticipation

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The letters are hand made envelopes containing a hand written letter of gratitude and a personal secret to the art collector. The idea is that one of the artistic contents of the letter is anticipation. If the letter is opened the original content is destroyed. All of the letters where mailed to a PO Box for this project.

The Human Experience

Our relationship with anticipation is changing with communication becoming nearly instant with cell phones, texting and emailing.Not long ago Telex was fast. Prior to that the mail and going back farther ....steam ship....Pony Express...carrier pigeon. In the past humans waited for news from afar. I began thinking about how technology is changing our emotional experiences.

Series 1

For this first series, I made envelopes using solvent transfers on some rice paper.

The technique that I used was one that Robert Raushenberg mastered over many years of meticulous dedication to his craft. The piece was originally made for an art show at the Aspen Chapel. The process of using the print making added to the hand made- machine made juxtaposition.

Series 2

While on Kaui, Hawaii I decided to create a series of letters from the island. Inspired from the natural beauty; the materials used to make this series are comprised from what I found on the island itself. The soft air, in Hawaii, temperature and moisture along with the fauna inspire. The ocean feels like home, the mother of mothers.

Series 3

I began to think about the manufactured romanticized West that many of us grew up with. The images in this collection are collages using old magazines and current advertisements.

A few years back, I was able to be in a spaghetti western that a friend of mine was filming. At around that same time, I was toying with the idea of creating western movie posters. While ruminating through different ideas I found myself becoming fixated on how the sex and violence was glamorized by those old productions that only added to the mythos of the west.

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